From reality blurred:

The Big Brother 11 house—singular, not plural—has been revealed via the footage of the media day, emphasis not on the word “media.” It has a modern appearance but with an eco-friendly, environmental theme, and is entirely normal except for a room that looks like a swimming pool and has rafts on the beds instead of sheets. In other words, it’s pretty normal, with the exception of one room that seems designed to punish its inhabitants.

Footage of the house is below, but in an epic 7,449 word piece that’s the written equivalent of watching the Big Brother feeds except from inside someone’s mind, B-Side Blog proprietor Ben Mandelker writes about his experience in the house, focusing on the game play, but he also describes the houseguests’ future living space.

He writes that “the entire house had a very modern, well-appointed look to it — sort of like a best-of from Ikea and CB2,” and the “the theme for the season was ‘Going Green,’ and this was reflected by the presence of compost machines, recycling bins, an Aero-garden, and several fresh herbs growing in the window sill. The backyard even featured a mural of windmills, which I found rather pleasant to gaze at from time to time.”

Ben says the Head of Household’s room, better known as the HoH room, “proved to be one of the best yet — if not the best. It had a very swank, trendy look … with a very cool trickling waterfall behind the bed. One side of the room had exposed wooden beams leaning inwards with a seaside mural behind it, thus giving the impression that we were in some awesome mansion in Malibu.”

In addition, there’s “an Asian motif that permeated the house. There were plenty of Buddhas and sake bottles about — the latter of which featured real sake. Not a smart idea. Around dinner time, we all helped ourselves to a shot from the bottle before producers reprimanded us for drinking from a prop. Technically we were at fault, but I’d say it’s not a brilliant idea to have actual alcohol on the wall for decorative purposes. Something tells me that by the time the season airs, the bottles will either be gone or filled with water.”

Here, in three installments, is an edited version of the day-long press game, which included Jen from Big Brother 8 as a contestant, and she’s still just as annoying as ever. Besides a look at the house, the only real revelation is that slop is also back, because the producers insist on annoying us with that for yet another season, apparently.